Monday, August 27, 2007

So sad

Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide. Just the look on his face can make me laugh. Sometimes I think about people who choose to pursue careers in music or the arts. Almost everyone will try to deter them. Usually they have to spend a lot of time before making it big. And there are plenty of the ones that do make it who to me are generic and interchangeable. Owen Wilson is not one of them. I love people who can make me laugh (one of the many things I love about my own husband).
Thank you Owen for all the enjoyment you have given me by making movies.
Please don't try to commit suicide again. There are so many things in life that are worthwhile. Learn a language! Go get a master's degree in desert studies! Or something else : ) Help the cause of environmental conservation!

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MissGoldBug said...

You're spot on. I hope he gets it together. He actually seems like a decent human being... in contrast to most of what Hollywood has become, sadly.