Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Personal Introduction

I am a conservationist. And I can prove it. If I were to tell you my name, you could google it and see that I worked for a conservation organization for 3.5 years. And now I no longer work there, but I am studying for a master's degree that is all about sustainability.
And I am a newlywed. I married my husband 2 months ago and now we have an idyllic life here in the desert of Israel.
These are two labels that can be applied to me (you see, I did it myself). But part of this blog is an admission that despite my credentials, I may not even be a conservationist. I am interested in conservation issues but I don't always live up to my ideals.
I created this blog to write about my thoughts and steps towards conservation. I hope that it will be useful to other people like me, from developed countries who have a big ecological footprint but who want to do better.

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